Happily Ever After

A Couple's Enrichment Program

Based on Dr. Miletski's many years of training and clinical experience, she created Happily Ever After -- a couple's enrichment program to help couples continue to have a fun, loving, and exciting relationship.

When people are in a new relationship, all they want is to be with that new person. Too excited to eat and sleep, they forget they have other friends or obligations. Everything the new partner does is adorable. This is a wonderful feeling, but clinically considered a state of "insanity" or a "high." Looking at a brain of someone in-love through fMRI, it looks similar to the brain of someone "high" on cocaine.

This feeling of "high" or "insanity" develops from a cocktail of hormones that are secreted within our body when we are in-love / excited. The body produces a similar cocktail of hormones when we are stressed out, but then we perceive the resulting feeling as negative.

The body cannot sustain this level of "stress" for too long. It can last for several months, up to a few years, and it often subsides, coincidently, when the relationship settles down.The couple then begins to feel more comfortable and secure with each other. They may have moved in together or even gotten married. They begin to be interested again in their friends whom they have deserted for a while. They begin to show interest in other aspects of life. They begin to put on weight… And the frequency of the sexual activity goes down.

Couples who continuously "work" on their relationship and do not rely on the initial excitement to propel them, continue to rediscover the magic and fun that first brought them together, and continue to deepen the love and intimacy between them.

Happily Ever After is an enrichment program for couples who want to continue to have a fun, loving and exciting relationship and to continue to improve their relationship.

Through discussions, sharing with each other and with other couples, exercises, and didactic material, Dr. Miletski introduces participants to a variety of tools and techniques, helping them to continue to enjoy their relationship and to deepen their intimacy.

Happily Ever After is a fun workshop where participants are sure to have a good time. This is not therapy. Only positive things will be discussed, and no one is allowed to bring up "dirty laundry."

Happily Ever After is not suitable for couples whose relationship is under stress, and who might better be advised to seek professional counseling.